July 8, 2006 - Full Day

Had breakfast on our lanai and then headed to the Swap Meet in Kahului. It was a lot of fun. The weather was great, not too hot. We bought coffee, necklaces for the nieces, an ivory whale’s tale necklace Kyle, and mango bread. We found some photographs we really liked, but didn’t go back to get them. I was sorry at first, but then found the same ones at the Pacific Whale Foundation in Lahaina. The best thing I had to eat all week was at the Swap Meet, it was Teriyaki steak and garlic noodles. Nothing fancy, but very good.

We headed up to Iao Valley when we finished at the Swap Meet. I think Stan wanted to go back to the condo, but was glad we hadn’t when he saw how pretty it was up there. It was a lot cooler than in town. It was defiantly worth the trip. Our drive back to Lahaina was quick this time, no weekday traffic. When we got back to the condo Stan took a nap and I laid out by the pool. It really is very peaceful here.

Ioa Valley
We took advantage of the happy hour at Moose McGillycuddy's in the afternoon. We had tickets for Warren and Annabelle’s at 5, so we stopped by for a few drinks and pupus on our way. We arrived at Warren and Annabelle’s just in time to go in. They only take a small group in at a time. They give you a key and you enter a library looking room and have to figure out which door leads to the parlor. It was fun. The food and drinks were good, and the show was excellent. We took advantage of walking on the beach and using the hot tube again before we went to bed.

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