July 12, 2006 - Beach Day

Breakfast in the condo and then we were off to Slaughterhouse Beach and the drive around the west end of Maui. We arrived to a private beach…one man was there and he was on his way out. How nice. We climbed over the rock on the right side; we sat there and watch a large school of dolphins playing in the water. The water was a little rough so we decide not to snorkel. After watching the dolphins we began our trip to the blowhole and Olivine Pools. The weather was better, but still not clear. This time the tide was out and the blowhole was not blowing! So we didn’t waste our time climbing down to it. We enjoyed the drive to the pools, but did not go in, because it was very cloudy. We drove on towards Kahakuloa Village, but when it began to rain again we headed back to the sunnier side of Maui! We stopped at Aloha Mixed Plate for lunch and then went back to enjoy our last day in the condo. Lots of relaxing and beach time. We ordered from Honokowai Okazuya & Deli for dinner. We had egg fu young and Mongolian beef with rice and stir fried vegetables for $16. Drinks and dinner on the lanai again. Wonderful!
Helmet Urchin
After dinner we walked down the beach to watch the sunset and take some beautiful pictures. Paradise has been wonderful.

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